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kieran (say goodbye to sunshine, sunshine)
11 March 2016 @ 01:23 pm
This is like the weirdest time warp. 
kieran (say goodbye to sunshine, sunshine)
05 August 2013 @ 09:15 am
I need a clonazepam IV and a hug right about now. Damn.
kieran (say goodbye to sunshine, sunshine)
In light the harrowing and frustrating news that George Zimmerman can kill a child with no consequence, I offer two funny stories for you, as opposed to the "rage blackout" political rant I want to write. I'm angry because I'm weak and it's all I have, but I'm trying to not become to embittered. I'm white, I have that luxury.


Here we go:


Me: The fuck? You almost hit me in the face. I'm driving, man. Was that a new tick?
Lilli: Sorry, not sorry.
Me: Tourette’s problems.
Lilli: My life.
Me: Then, more-so, low-spectrum autistic problems.
Lilli: That was so funny. I hate you for it

2. One of the cutest things happened to me today. At the gym I work at we host a lot of camps and this week is a soccer camp - Thor's working there, the kids are too loud and run around and are so, so adorable, it's a good time.

Typically, I open the pool and hold open the gate for the soccer camp. Today, I was busy and had another girl I work with do it. I'm rushing back to help and all I hear is one of the little one's grumbling, "Where's the pretty one? We want the pretty one."

One of counselor's leans down, "Merrida's coming, don't worry."

For the first time in my life, I was the "pretty one". It was a five year-old's assertion, but I'm putting it as a firm tally in my section. Finally, on the board.

Kids love me, I look like a cartoon character and I'm nearly eye-level with them. I got to help the little one's put on the their wristbands. They call me "Miss Kiri".

Since my last update, the following has gone down:

- I lost my graduate funding.
- I've graduated college.
- Seen the National live.
- Visited one of my best friends in Richmond and got a sunburn.
- Re-vamped my life plan.
- Ran about fifty miles.
- Applied to over one hundred jobs.
- Ate a lot ice cream.